About Us

Paya Tex is a dyeing , printing and finishing company which have started its activity since year 1981 . Paya Tex factory  is located in Karaj Province , Chaharbagh region .The stock holders passed many problems in their way to achieve this success with deligency of their good and professoinal managers and workers. Now it is one of the 3th best companies of dyeing and finishing fabrics in Iran and they are successful to develope their field of working to printing also and generate the second factory named Ramshan Asia  in Qazvin province .Paya Tex and Ramshan Asia now is working in two shifts and 120 personnels totally .Each manager and worker attempts to keep the quality of the end product in a rate of satisfaction of the customers to reach the top levels of service in this bussiness .

Paya Tex accompanies with great garments' companies in Iran which export their products to the UAE and other Middle East countries .

We imported all of our machineries from famous textile companies in Italy , Germany , Austria , Turky and also Korea .

All of the used auxiliaries are chosen from best European companies in Textile chemicals and auxiliaries and also the dyes are imported from best Indian , European and Canadian comanies producing Textile dyes .

Our end product shows how we attempt to get this success .